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 Gautier Vancleave Post 1992, American Legion News Letter

Newsletter September- October  2017
Post Phone # (228) 497-6422

Freedom Isn’t Free

Post 1992 Commander

   First, I would like to thank the membership for electing as Commander.
   It's been a long time since I was first put in this position.
   I want to thank everyone that has served in this position, because it's a great responsibility and as you know, it's not easy.
   We intend to keep up our long-standing traditions of serving our Veterans, taking care of our veteran’s families and taking care of our children and youth.
   I have asked a representative of each of our American Legion family members to serve on the house committee. That way we will have a much broader view of how the Post will be run and what direction we need to take to meet our objectives that we set for ourselves.
   This year we plan to have some new activities for our Post, as well as some old ones. Stay tuned for our activities in this newsletter.
   I'll get off here for now and as always.

      For God and Country

David Pugh

Post 1992 1st Vice Commander

   Hooyahh! Here we go again!!! Another year and more opportunities to make our post the best in the nation! The new crew of folks you have (some new—some old—some older than others ☺ ) look to have some great ideas and passion for keeping the post busy and reaching out to our community for involvement in our Veterans support programs. WE NEED YOUR HELP! Any opportunity you see to get involved, volunteer or help in any way we welcome! You will see several new outreach programs and things going on this year that will offer plenty of opportunities for you all to join in!
   Any and all ideas are welcome to help us build up our post—bring em on! Just grab any office or Executive committee member and let them know what you are thinking!
   Thanks to all for continuing to support the post and Thanks in advance for being a part!
   Come on out! hope to see you at the post!!!!!

For God and Country

Scott Mitchell

Post 1992 Adjutant

   2018 dues are payable now through 20 October 2017 IAW Post By-Laws. The easiest and fastest way to renew is on-line at (using your member ID and a credit card,) you also: mail your dues or drop them off at the Post. Please renew your membership as soon as possible to help the Post meet its 2018 membership goal and for you to protect your continuous years of membership.
   The Post’s Legion membership total membership for 2017/2018 membership year is 394 members. There are 248 members who have paid their 2018 dues and 97 members who owe their 2018 Dues.
   Sadly, we lost a valued member who transferred to The Post Everlasting in August: Bernie S. Couevas, Sr. This Veteran will be sorely missed by all their fellow veterans and members of Post 1992. May his soul rest in peace with The Lord.
   Please join me in welcoming our new and transfer-in and returning members in July: Thomas Basinger, Gregory Bierman, Theresa Carter, John Gormley, David Hayden, III, Brent Kirkpatrick, Byron Patton, Cathy Patton, Michael Pister, William Renn, Charles Simpson, Preston Simpson and Claud Toler and in August: Jesse J. Bautista, Ronnie L. Cochran, James L. Farrior, Jr., James E. Johnson, Willie D. Kinard, Michael D. McMackin, Steven D. Rancier, Jack Seal and Michael W. Washum. We thank each of you for your service to our great Country and now you have made a commitment to continue to serve other veterans; their families, the community; and the nation. I’d also like to thank the recruiters of the above members: Cindy Auth, Bob Backel, David Belcher, Pete Bunch, Billy Kirkpatrick, Scott Mitchell, Joseph D. Pierce, David Pugh, Billy Simpson, and Bill Whatley for their support of The American Legion and for growing our membership rolls. We need all members to actively recruit at least one new members to get our membership numbers up to make up for normal attrition of Post members.
   Please keep the Post informed of changes to your mail address, phone number and eMail addresses so that you will continue to receive our communications. Also, The American Legion National has sent a request for email addresses to be filled out on the back of the dues reminder sent to each member. The Adjutant will update The American Legion national database records and Department address lists (for Legion and SAL members) insuring you’ll continue to receive your membership renewal notices, Legionnaire, and the Legion magazine. Also, if you provide me with your e-mail address, if you haven’t already, you will receive any significant updates to the Calendar of Events and Newsletter.
   Our bi-monthly Post Newsletter and Calendar of Events are only distributed electronically by e-mail and posted on the Post’s web site: A limited number of hard copies will be printed as needed, at the Post for pick up in the lounge. To be added to electronic distribution by email directly, call me at 228-471-5042, or dropping a note with your name and e-mail address in the membership dues box in the lounge, requesting to be placed on the Newsletter eMail distribution list. Our electronic distribution currently reaches ONLY 61% of Legion Family members.
   It is required that our Legion membership records contain evidence of discharge or release under honorable conditions during one of the recognized war eras. The most recognized evidence is: your latest DD214; Certificate of Discharge/Release or for Reserves or Guard components, evidence of being deployed under Federal Orders. 

For God and Country

John Deveau

   Post 1992 2nd Vice CommanderFor God and Country
   Greetings from your New 2nd Vice. this past year was a remarkable success for Boy's State. We had a record no. of attendees. Thanks for the increase from the Vancleave Schools. Many thanks to the various Groups/Organizations within American Legion Post 1992 who contributed Time and funds to make this past year a success. Just a reminder that our next Americanism Event is the Veterans breakfast hosted by Gautier High School. Since Veteran's Day is Saturday November 11, Gautier High School is hosting the breakfast event on Friday November 10,2017. Please mark your calendars for this always enjoyable event. For those of you who have not attended this breakfast, you're really missing out on a memorable and rewarding experience. Hope to see you there..
For God and Country
Gordon Gollott
   Post 1992 3rd Vice Commander
Nothing to Report.
For God and Country
Tim Honeycutt

Post 1992 Chaplain      
   I missed out on a few things that happened in my absence, Joe R., I saw you out and about on steak night at the post glad to see you up and out after your hospital stay. Prayers are with: James Akins, Debbie Barton, Shirley Coons, Lisa Sides (lost her mother), Mrs. Betty Couevas (on the death of her husband Bernie), Mrs. Maggie Harmon (in memory of Terrel C. Harmon).
   Prayer for September:
   Gracious and Mighty Heavenly Father,
   We come before You this day to bring our loved ones to You once again. We pray for our service members, that You O King, will strengthen them for the work at hand, increase their strength as they call out to You, renew them in hope, and give them a strong conviction of their faith in You. Show them your power in their everyday lives. We thank you Lord for protecting them each moment. Be with their families at home as they wait for their return. When they are tired, renew their strength: physically, emotionally, and spiritually. You are good, Lord, and your steadfast love endures forever. Thank you for your unconditional love which sustains us all. We pray your hand of mercy to bring peace to the war-torn nations that are suffering. In Your Holy, powerful name, the name above all names, Jesus, we pray, Amen
   Prayer for October:
   Father, keep our servicemen and women physically safe and health, and guard them from the evil one. Help them resist all temptation, be a Shield around them, and guard them as the apple of Your eye. In the powerful name of Jesus we pray, Amen.

   For God and Country

   L. Flo Hendrickson


Post 1992 Judge Advocate

   I would like to take this opportunity to thank the legion Family for allowing Me to serve as the next Judge Advocate. With the help of Bob Backel I will do my best for the Legion.
   Reminder: if you’re a member in good standing with our American Legion Post 1992 You are eligible for Legion Care-$5,000 in Accidental Death Insurance at NO COST TO YOU
   Effective January 1,2015 the above benefit is available to the American Legion Auxiliary and The Sons of the American Legion (ages 18 and older). You can sign up for it on line at or pick up an application from several locations within the Post.
   If a covered accident occurs while traveling on official Legion business, or $1,000 at NO COST TO YOU for all other covered accidents.
   The post is still offering Memorial donor bricks for sale. A two-line brick is still $40.00 and $43.50 for three lines. Order forms can be obtained from the bartender on duty, Bob Backel or Billy Simpson. 

   For God and Country

   Billy Simpson


President Unit 1992 American Legion 

     Congratulations to new college freshmen. This year we gave three $500 scholarships to Anna Bunch, junior auxiliary member and daughter of a legionnaire; Candace Creel, granddaughter of an SAL member; and Lexi Lane, junior auxiliary member and daughter of an Auxiliary member.
   We will host the Ninth District Leadership workshop Oct 14. Any lady who is interested in learning more about The American Legion Auxiliary involvement is welcome to attend the meeting beginning at 10 AM Lunch will be provided.
   Our Community Outreach. Committee is marking “Make a Difference Day” Oct 28th with a $50 cash donation plus items to the Jackson County Animal Shelter. Please see the flyer (attached) for items requested. We are also making ‘Fidget Quilts’. The 18” by 21” quilt are beneficial to Alzheimer's patients who handle or fidget with interesting items securely attached to the blanket. Examples of items you may donate include keys, metal rings, small plastic zippers, measuring spoons (not over 4” long), ribbon and lace, yarn, bells, other small objects that can safely be secured. Toy purses with zippers, toy balls on key rings, and key rings are also good.
   Pumpkin carving for both boys and girls happens at the Post on Thursday, Oct 26th at 5 PM. We’ll provide dinner and send your child home with a jack-o-lantern.

   We are again participating in the Community Trunk or Treat at MGCCC. Over 1000 children are expected there on Monday Oct. 30th. Volunteers to dress in costume or enter and decorate additional vehicles are welcome. Donations of wrapped candy are also welcome.
   A red neck picnic basket which includes snacks and two Yeti Tumblers is being raffled. Proceeds will benefit Mississippi’s own Kathy Dungan who will be the 2018-2019 National Auxiliary president. To support our programs, we will sell dinners on the third Wednesday in September and October.

   For God and Country

   Cindy Harper


American Legion Riders Chapter 1992 


   A new Legion year, new challenges and new goals. The goal for the riders this year is about Education. We, as riders, will be educating other riders about safety, rules of the road and riders etiquette. We will also be educating ourselves and others about the American Legion and the American Legion Family. After all, we are ALL here to care for and support veterans and their loved ones as well as our country, right?

   For God and Country

   David Belcher

President Amateur Radio Club - (Call-sign K5TAL) 

Nothing to report.

   For God and Country

   T. Lee Johnston


Post 1992 Bingo Supervisor

Nothing to report.

For God and Country,

Bill McKee

Post 1992 SAL Commander

Nothing to report.

For God and Country,

Shane Helms



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