Gautier Vancleave Post 1992, American Legion, Inc.

 Gautier Vancleave Post 1992, American Legion News Letter

3824 Old Spanish Trail, (Mail address: Post Office Box 682, Gautier, MS 39553)

Post Phone # (228) 497-6422

Freedom Isn’t Free

Newsletter July- August 2019

Post 1992 1st Vice Commander

   Happy Summer Shipmates!!!! 

   We are heading into a new “Legion year” as we Bring in the newly elected Officers for your Post!!! Please find time to congratulate and thanks not only the folks that have been selected but those who stepped up and put their names in the hat! Thanks to all of them for being a part of the solution and volunteering their time and abilities to keeping our post running well and always moving in a better direction. Here is the Listing of your new Officers: 

   Commander:................................... Greg Bierman 

   1st Vice Commander:..................... Scott Mitchell 

   2nd Vice Commander: ................... Joe Smith 

   3rd Vice Commander:.................... Tim Honeycutt 

   Adjutant:......................................... (Vacant) 

   Historian:........................................ Dawn Belcher 

   Finance Officer: ............................. Gordon Gollott 

   Service Officer: .............................. Kurt Schmucker 

   Chaplain: ........................................ Flo Hendrickson 

   Judge Advocate:............................. Lynn Cochran 

   Sergeant at Arms:........................... Pete Bunch 

   Executive Committee:.................Robert A. Backel; Robert E. Bowman; Steven M. Meredith; Mark D. Walker and David R. Pugh (PPPC) 

   The combined installation of Officers of the Post will take place Saturday, 27 July 2019. Please put that date on your calendar and plan to attend. It will be a great night out and a chance to meet and greet your new officers. 

   The July-August Newsletter and Calendar of Events will still be the current Officers. Our bi-monthly Post Newsletter and Calendar of Events are only distributed electronically by e-mail and posted on the Post’s web site: 

   Next time you are at the post make sure to take a look at the monitors above the ice machine and near the back door by the stage! ALR Director David Belcher drove the installation of a video advertising system that will scroll through all the events and post information to help get the word out on what’s going on! Great Job David!! 

   Thanks to all for Selecting me for another year as your 1st Vice Commander. I am Honored and will do my best to serve the post and support our new Commander.


For God and Country

Scott Mitchell

Post 1992 Adjutant

   2020 dues are payable by October 20, 2019, IAW. Please renew your membership as soon as possible. You should be receiving your notice from American Legion National soon if you haven’t already, unless they do not have your current address. It’s important to keep your dues current to protect your continuous years of American Legion membership. Dues can also be paid on-line at using your credit card with you member ID and last name. The Adjutant will be notified when you do and will mail or deliver your new 2020 ID card. 

   At the end of the 2018/2019 membership year we had 401 members. There were 63 who did not renew for 2019 and have been deleted from the rolls. To retain your continuous years those members must pay 2019 back-dues with your 2020 dues. As of this writing we have 261 - 2019 members plus 78 - 2020 Early bird renewals. 

   Sadly, in May we lost two valued veteran members, Ronald Brown (Vietnam war era) and Manuel P. Mabanta (Vietnam war era), who transferred to The Post Everlasting: May they rest in peace. Our deepest sympathies go out to their families and loved ones.          

   Please join me in welcoming our New, Transfer and Returning members. In May: Thomas Clegg, Jr, Steven R. Gillissie and Lee Milligan and four new members were voted-in effective 1 July: Joseph Blow, Steven Lowery, Michael Powell and Terry Ward. We thank each of you for your service to our great Country and now you have made a commitment to continue to serve other veterans; their families, the community; and the nation. I’d also like to thank the recruiters of the above members: David Belcher, Greg Bierman, Doug Honeycutt and Bill Whatley for their support of The American Legion and for growing our membership rolls. We need all members to actively recruit at least one new member to get our membership numbers up to make up for deaths and normal attrition of Post members. 

   I congratulate each of our new Post Officers for their election to the offices for 2019/2020 year. I wish each of you success in the operation of the Post. I trust that you will get support from the membership. 

   Please keep the Post informed of changes to your mail address, phone number and eMail addresses so that you will continue to receive The American Legion and our Post communications. Also, The American Legion National has sent a request for email addresses to be filled out on the due’s reminder sent to each member. The Adjutant will update The American Legion national database records and Department address lists (for Legion and SAL members) insuring you’ll continue to receive your membership renewal notices, Legionnaire, and the Legion magazine. Also, if you provide your e-Mail address, if you haven’t already, you will receive any significant updates to the Calendar of Events and Newsletter. 

   Our bi-monthly Post Newsletter and Calendar of Events are only distributed electronically by e-mail and posted on the Post’s web site, A limited number of hard copies will be printed as needed, at the Post for pick up in the lounge. To be added to electronic distribution simply drop a note with your name and e-mail address in the membership dues box in the lounge, requesting to be placed on the distribution list. Our electronic distribution currently reaches ONLY 68% of Legion Family members. 

   It is required that our Legion membership records contain evidence of discharge or release under honorable conditions during one of the recognized war eras. The most recognized evidence is your latest DD214; Certificate of Discharge/Release or for Reserves or Guard components, evidence of being deployed under Federal Orders. The American Legion National requires Date of Birth, Phone No. and eMail Address be provided.  

For God and Country

      John Deveau for Scott Mitchell


Post 1992 Chaplain      
    For God and Country

   O God, by whose mercy the faithful departed find rest, look kindly on your departed veterans who gave their lives in the service of their country. Grant that through the passion, death, and resurrection of your Son they may share in the joy of your heavenly kingdom and rejoice in you with your saints forever. We ask this through Christ our Lord. 

1. Clayton J. Johnson, 07/20/1929 - 07/27/2018, a U.S. Navy, Korean & Vietnam War’s era veteran and a 32-year American Legion Member. 

2. Edwin Jacquet, 08/12/1926 - 08/12/2018, a U.S. Army, WWII War era veteran and a 21-year American Legion Member.

3. Donald C. Bartlett, 09/23/1931 - 08/27/2018, a U.S. Army, Korea War era veteran and a 29-year American Legion Member. 

4. Scott D. Macfarland, 10/22/1934 - 09/24/2018, a U.S. Marines, Korea War era veteran and a 25-year American Legion Member. 

5. Fred Padgett, 04/23/1927 - 09/30/2018, a U.S. Navy, WWII War era veteran and a 12-year American Legion Member. 

6. Michael L. Alberts, 08/03/1947 - 11/13/2018, a U.S. Air Force, Vietnam War era veteran and a 1-year American Legion Member. 

7. Charles R. Young, Jr., 08/25/1924 - 11/22/2018, a U.S. Navy, WWII War era veteran and a 10-year American Legion Member. 

8. Douglas K. Stiles, 08/24/1950 - 11/29/2018, a U.S. Air Force, Vietnam War era veteran and a 9-year American Legion Member. 

9. Murray L. Evans, 02/08/1928 - 12/27/2018, a U.S. Navy, WWII, Korean & Vietnam War eras veteran and a 51-year American Legion Member. 

10. Robert H. Yake, 05/02/1946 - 01/01/2019, a U.S. Army, Vietnam War era veteran and a 27-year American Legion Member. 

11. Russell E. Little, 01/15/1948 - 01/05/2019, a U.S. Army, Vietnam War era veteran and a 14-year American Legion Member. 

12. Cecil J. Shamburger, Jr., 08/05/1934 - 01/17/2019, a U.S. Army, Korea War era veteran and a 24-year American Legion Member. 

13. Abraham Sherrod, Abraham Sherrod, 04/24/1945 - 04/07/2019, a U.S. Navy, Vietnam War era veteran and a 5-year American Legion Member. 

14. Michael W. Washum, 12/13/1952 - 04/24/2019, a U.S. Navy, Vietnam War era veteran and a 2-year American Legion Member. 

15. Ronald L. “Rocket” Brown, 05/29/1952 - 05/19/2019, a U.S. Army, Vietnam War era veteran and a 5-year American Legion Member. 

16. Manuel P. Mabanta, 08/29/1940 - 05/31/2019, a U.S. Navy, Vietnam War era veteran and a 14-year American Legion Member. 

–Continue to pray for Tom Vickery as he battles Alzheimer’s disease. 

–Continue to pray for Joe O. Watrous, Glen Deveau, Ricky Noble (Son-in Law of Buzzy Shimp) as they battle cancer. 

–Continue to pray for Howard Tupper as he continues to recover from several health problems. 

–Continue to pray for Tonia Harris’ daughter, Ladonna Budke, in your thoughts and prayers as they battle through illness and recovery.

     For God and Country 

     L. Flo Hendrickson

Post 1992 Judge Advocate

If you are a member in good standing at the American Legion you are eligible for Legion care. This is for $5,000 in accidental death insurance at NO COST TO YOU, if a covered accident occurs while traveling on official Legion business, or $1000 at NO COST TO YOU for all covered accidents. these benefits are available to the American Legion, Auxiliary and the Sons of The American Legion. You can sign up for it on line at or you can pick up an application at the post.   

The post is still offering memorial donor bricks for sale. A three line brick is $40.00.


     For God and Country 

     Billy Simpson


President Unit 1992 American Legion 

July celebration: Independence Day, also known simply as the 4th of July! 

We will celebrate patriotism with parades, flag waving, and honoring Veterans

And I’m proud to be an American where at least I know I’m free. And I won’t forget the men who died, who gave that right to me. And I’d gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today. ’Cause there ain’t no doubt I love this land God Bless the USA. 

   ~ Lee Greenwood, Proud to be an American 

Elections for Unit 1992 Officers 

   Elections results are in, thank you for your vote of confidence in the newly elected officers. On July 27th all officers will be installed. Only You can make a difference by participating as an active member within the Unit. Your ideas and support are important to the success of the Unit. 

Auxiliary Officers for 2019-2020: 

   Lois “Flo” Hendrickson ...President 

   Cindy Harper.................... 1st Vice President 

   Diane Cantrell.................. 2nd Vice President     

   Beverly Pugh....................Secretary/Treasurer 

   Teresa Roberts .................Chaplain 

   Frankie Misko..................Sargent at Arms 

   Executive board ...............Katie Baughman, Mary Ellison and Jo Tisbury 

   July meeting will be held July 1st , 2019, at 6:30 pm. All Auxiliary members are encouraged to attend. The Unit will be looking at various programs that need a chairperson to keep them going. Your time is valuable to all of us who serve our Veterans. July will be a busy month with Independence Day and getting ready to head off to convention. 

   I would like to thank Daisy for her dedication to the Poppy program, she puts a lot of time and effort into getting the poppies out around town and working hard on the Poppy project. Daisy is also Historian for the Auxiliary; she is working on the History book for the Conference in Natchez. We are looking forward to seeing this book of dedication. Good luck with the competition. 

   Thank you goes out to our Chaplain Teresa Roberts for sending out cards and taking care of our members who are sick or hospitalized. Teresa is also working on the Chaplains Book for the Conference in Natchez. The Auxiliary members always look forward to seeing these wonderful books. Good luck with the competition. 

   I would like to recognize Beverly Pugh for her dedication to the third Friday dinners and all the Unit members who supported these dinners this past year. Kate Baughman for taking on the children’s parties, our new “Ms. Santa Clause”.  Thank you all for your support. Tania Whitfield for her efforts in getting the girls together for Girls State. Cindy Harper for her dedication to education and teachers throughout the year. Thank you, June Beasley, for your dedication to the membership and Diane, thank you for your guidance and all you do to keep us on the right path. 

   Thank you to those ladies that attended Girls State May 31 – June 7, 2019. This is an experience each of the Auxiliary members, who are able, should go for. It is an eye-opening experience and the young ladies are amazing. 

   Rose Mentgen won the June Cheer fund; David Pugh won the Yearly Raffle for the month of June. 

   The Auxiliary will NOT be cooking the third Friday of July, as we will be gone to Natchez. 


   ➢ July 1-3, 1863 – The Battle of Gettysburg was fought at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania between the Union and Confederate armies during the American Civil War. Read Lincoln's Gettysburg Address. 

➢ July 1, 1971 – The 26th Amendment to the United States Constitution was ratified giving 18-year-olds the right to vote

➢ July 2, 1881 – The 20th President of the United States, James A. Garfield, was shot by Charles Guiteau in Washington, DC. The President passed away on September 9, 1881. 

➢ July 2, 1937 - Amelia Earhart went missing in the Pacific Ocean during her attempt to fly around the world. 

➢ July 2, 1964 – The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was signed into law extending voting rights and outlawing racial segregation. AUGUST The Auxiliary will meet August 5th, 2019, at 6:30 pm. All Auxiliary members are encouraged to attend. The Unit will be looking at various programs that need a chairperson to keep them going. Your time is valuable to all of us who serve our Veterans. 

➢ August 2019 starts out celebrating Coast Guard Day on August fourth. ➢ August 14, 1945 - World War II ends. President Truman announces that Japan has surrendered. 

➢ August 15, 1945 - V-J Day (Victory over Japan) was declared. (The formal surrender ceremony was performed aboard the battleship U.S.S. Missouri on September 2, 1945.) 

ALA Dues

   The dues for the Auxiliary are $25.00. These payments are to be directed to Unit 1992, Gautier-Vancleave American Legion Auxiliary, P.O. Box 284, Gautier, MS 39553 Attention June. 

   Dues are due, all Unit members going to Natchez must have their dues paid prior to the convention. Dues are $25.00 for Unit members. 

   Thank you for your kind attention to this matter. For questions or concerns please contact Unit 1992 Membership Chairman, June Crosslin 

   Want to learn more about the American Legion Auxiliary? The ALA is providing all members with the tools they need to help grow the organization as a team. ALA Academy is designed to help members learn as part of a process that includes learning the information, sharing it with others, practicing new skills, and, eventually, making those new skills a habit. Classes now available: ALA 101, an introductory course to the ALA; ALA Communication Methods, an introduction to how the ALA uses e-communication; ALA Leadership: Living Our Motto of Service Not Self, which discusses how to be an effective leader; ALA Branding and Why It Matters to Me, where branding is more than just a logo; and Establishing an ALA Culture of Goodwill, a thought-provoking course designed to help ALA members better understand how to serve our mission.


   For God and Country

  L. Flo Hendrickson


Amateur Radio Club - (Call-sign K5TAL) 

   Elections are over with: Don Rand KA5DON elected as President; Mike Madonna KF5ZXY as Vice President; Lee Johnston K5CUB as Treasurer and Terri Rand as Secretary. 

   As mentioned last year, June brings what in the radio world is called Field Day. Where radio operators around the world make as many contacts as possible in a 24-hour period, most choosing to do so setting up outside, in public areas, parks, or just working from home. K5TAL will be represented on the air as operators work from their home stations, some with battery, solar, or generator power. 

   K5TAL continues to hold weekly radio net every Wednesday at 6:30 PM on 3.829 mhz. You can listen in by going to and typing in the frequency 3829 and clicking on LSB. It is free. K5TAL is the only one of the 40+ clubs that conducts a weekly net, and we will soon be adding another net for the TALARC group. This one will be by a digital communications format and will allow nationwide/worldwide access to K5TAL. We will keep you posted on that exciting addition to the American Legion Amateur Radio Club. 73 (Best Wishes) 

   For God and Country

   Don Rand


Post 1992 SAL Commander

   Our Squadron is sad to report that members Ben Fontan and Charles “Goat” 

   Steak Nights were held on May 31 st and June 28th and went exceptionally well. April 26th - both were smashing successes. The next Steak Nights will be held July 26th and August 30th , respectively. Refer to the July-August Post Calendar of Events for scheduled entertainment, or, watch the ‘white board” adjacent to the bar. 

   The SAL-sponsored Hardhead Catfish Tournament is full steam ahead, with a specific date of September 7, 2019. “Seed” money has been allocated. The SAL tournament committee are Wes Bright, Shane Helms, Scott Mitchell, Robert Baughman, Jerry Foster and Dave Waller. The tournament will be held at our Post. 

   Again, we pushed hard to attain another 100% membership this 2019 year but, for various reasons eleven (11) members have not renewed their dues. Of our obligated 78 members we currently have 68 (including 5 new members), giving us 87.17% of our goal. 

    Our Squadron now has its own constitution and by-laws, adopted (approved) by our SAL and pending ratification by our Legion Post. SAL Adjutant Bob Backel will be attending the Department Legion and SAL (and 40 & 8) Conventions in July, in Natchez. All travelers will be staying at the Grand Hotel in Natchez.

For God and Country,

Wesley Bright


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