Gautier Vancleave Post 1992, American Legion, Inc.

Post 1992 American Legion Riders (ALR) 

   We went on three toy runs this year: The Asgard motorcycle club; Toys for Tots Mobile and the Salvation Army Talon toy run. We participated in the wreath laying at the VA National Cemetery in Biloxi December 5th. We donated $100 to a family in need and $100 for Christmas bicycles. At the Legion Dirty Santa Christmas party on December 12th Jerry Walters won the 1911 pistol raffle. The ALR did a Dirty Santa on December 18th, we ate and all had a great time. Our final ride of the year will be to Stockton, AL on December 30th. If you would like to participate, the VA needs help picking up the wreaths on January 9th at 11:00. Be safe!!!! Live to ride another day.

For God and Country,
Billy Simpson, 
ALR Director